Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Aghori/ Aghora at a glance

Aghori/ Aghora at a glance- Part 1

Written by- Vishwanath Prasad Singh Asthana (Who spent his 60 years with top Aghori Saints at Aghora's world fame headquarter/Pilgrim- BABA KEENARAM STHAL)

The Immortal Words of the Supremely Venerable Avadhoot Bhagwan Ram jee------
   " There is no-place, not only in the 'Jambo Continent' (India) or the world, OR even in the entire solar system, so sacred, as our sacred city KASHI (now, known as Varanasi), nor a place , so full of divine souls as it is ".

 The tradition of the Vishveshvara Siddhas ( The Yogies- Accomplished in the state of being charachterstics of Shiva in his lord of the world manifestation) has continued in Kashi, from time immeorial, and has flowed like a veritable Ganges of knowledge.  This tradition, which began from Lord Shiva himself, gave rise to great personalities from time-to-time. This tradition had been dormant since the time of the Aghori Bhairavacharya (5th-6th century B.C.). Baba Keenaram jee reignited the dying flame for the sake of society’s good. In Baba (Kenaram)’s company, people routinely got lifted from their miseries, got answers to questions (even without asking them) and found peace of mind effortlessly. One felt, one’s soul elevated simply by being his presence. Baba Keenaram jee roamed all four corners of the sacred land of India and witnessed for himself the suffering of people and kept striving to remove it, feeling moved by it.                                 Finally, Baba Keenaram jee ignited the Akhand Dhuni (never dying sacred fire) in that very century (16th century) , with wood, brought from cremation ground. This fire is witness to the eternal city of this tradition. This Yogic land is today famous as- Kreem-Kund. The divine souls of the Aghoreshwars (Masters of Aghora) remain circulating inside this place in a subtle form, in the atmosphere which is known as- Brahmand Khappar (The skull representing cosmos).                               Now the question is- How do the Sadhakas (Spiritual Practitioners) come in contact with them? Answer- When one stabilizes one’s consciousness and mediates peacefully, one feel their presence. These pure souls are so pervasive that each can appear before different Sadhakas, all over globe, simultaneously. The Sadhka will thus begin to feel their presence, will begin go into trance, will begin to feel resonance in  one’s soul.  

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